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Football – General | Mental Toughness Books for Athletes

When it comes to high-performing, high-flying athletes, we rarely talk about technique, how much they lift, or what their diet looks like. What interests us the most is their mental toughness. How they motivate and push themselves to incredible heights, over and over again. How an athlete can summon the mental fortitude to conquer doubt,…

Fitness – General | Why You Should Log Your Workouts

A lot of athletes reflect and log their workouts, but very few truly record and evaluate what they are doing in training. For example, grading your effort after each practice or training session can give you an immediate accountability measure to use to encourage better effort moving forward. You can also share your logbook with…

General – Mental | Are You Tracking the Things That Matter?

High-performance athletes love to track their training. Whether it’s logging volume, time spent in target heart rates, or how much wattage they are putting out, we love to see how today’s performance stacks up against yesterday’s workout. There are plenty of benefits to taking a deep dive into the stats of your training sessions, not…

Water sports – Swimming | Why Swimmers Should Be More Competitive in Practice

How competitive are you? Heck, competitive is in the name of our sport. It’s right there: “competitive swimming.” And yet, a lot of swimmers shy away from being competitive for fear of the negative connotations attached to the word. They worry about appearing greedy or narcissistic. Like most things in life, there is healthy competition…

Water sports – Swimming | For Faster Swimming Work Your Breath Capacity

Master your breathing. Swimming is a unique sport in that you have to work on your technique, strength, aerobic capacity, starts, turns and more, and then, on top of all that, you need to condition your lungs and respiratory muscles to time your breathing properly. There are a few different ways to improve your breathing…