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Water sports – Swimming | The Best Tech Suit For Swimming Fast

If you are looking for the best tech suit for swimming fast, then there are a few things you should look for. These suits are made to enhance your hard work and excellent performance, not make you faster. These suits are primarily intended for athletes who are serious about their sport. The following are some…

General – Conditioning | Choosing the right wetsuit for cold water swimming

Looking for a new wetsuit to swim in cold water? Here are some tips for choosing the right one for you. 1. Start with the thickness of the wetsuit. Made of neoprene rubber, wetsuits range in thickness from 1mm to 5mm. Look for a wetsuit that has 4-5mm thickness in the core and chest, with…

General – Conditioning | Why You Should Use an Ab Mat for Crunches

Ab Mats are another in a long line of devices that are designed to help you train your core and mid-section. You’ve got your ab benches, ab roller wheels, ab loungers, and yup… ab mats. Ab mats are low tech and awesome because they take the regular crunch and significantly increase the range of motion…

General – Conditioning | Benefits of Ab Rollers for Athletes

There are many different styles of exercise equipment designed to help you achieve the toned and firm muscles that you are looking for in order to get the perfect six-pack. One such piece of equipment is the Ab Roller, which has been proven to be an effective way to tone your abdominal muscles. My favorite…

Fitness – General | Benefits of Using Weight Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are a tool for safer and stronger lifts in the gym. Here are some reasons that you should use them when stepping up to the barbell: 1. Help target the muscles you are actually trying to train. Often a weak grip keeps us from maxing out on our target muscles when doing pulling…

Fitness – General | Benefits of Using Bumper Plates When Working Out

Bumper plates are a versatile tool for your strength building program. Using them: 1. Protects your floor from cracking and hard impacts. 2. Allows you to bounce the weight off the platform or floor. 3. Easier to slide on and off the barbell compared to steel/iron plates. 4. Don’t rust

Water sports – Swimming | Keys for Making Strength Training Work for Competitive Swimmers

Strength training is a way for swimmers to get stronger in the water and also prevent injury. Here are some quick tips for making the most of weight lifting for the competitive swimmer: 1. Technique and form above all else. Nearly half of the injuries that competitive swimmers experience is during their dryland and strength…

Fitness – General | How to Swim Faster Breaststroke

Breaststroke is one of the hardest strokes in the pool to master. Here are some ideas for how to improve your breaststroke and swim faster. 1. Keep your hips up. This reduces drag and puts you in a biomechanically stronger position to pull and kick hard. 2. Snap your ankles. Close your ankles at the…

Fitness – Fitness | Books for Personal Trainers

Personal training is a fun and highly competitive industry. There are a lot of resources out there for new and experienced PT’s. Below are my favorite three books for personal trainers: “Ignite the Fire.” Getting certified as a personal trainer is the first step, the second is building your business. This book teaches you the…

General – Conditioning | Tips for Bodyweight Workouts at Home

Working out at home has never been more common with the closure of countless gyms and social distancing requirements. Here are some ideas for training effectively at home: 1. Schedule your training. Don’t fall for the “when I feel like it” trap. Set a time to start working out each day. 2. Have a program….