Here are three reasons lifters should use lifting straps at the gym.

Lifting straps are a tool for safer and stronger lifts in the gym.

Here are some reasons that you should use them when stepping up to the barbell:

1. Help target the muscles you are actually trying to train. Often a weak grip keeps us from maxing out on our target muscles when doing pulling exercises like deadlifts. Straps help place the load on your back and shoulders instead of your wrist and forearms during heavy lifts.

2. Keeps the bar from sliding and slipping. Straps secure your hands and fingers to the barbell. This is important for lifters who have sweaty hands (and aren’t allowed to use chalk at their local gym).

3. Thickens the bar. Another handy use of lifting straps is that they make the bar a little bit thicker, which is perfect for lifters who have longer fingers and taller hands.

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