Hand paddles are a popular tool for developing power and speed in the water. Here are the benefits of swimming with swim paddles at the pool.


Using swim paddles can help you do a ton of different things in the water. Here is a look at the six benefits of hand paddles for swimming.

Hand paddles, also known as swim paddles, are a popular way for swimmers to increase power and upper body endurance in the water.

More importantly, it’s done in a swim-specific way that transfers directly to the pool. Being strong in the water and being strong on land are two different things. I’ve got plenty of friends who can bench press a ton of weight but can only swim a couple of laps of the pool before their shoulders give out.

But swim paddles are more than just power development. (Although that is plenty useful on its own!)

Here are some more benefits of training with hand paddles in the water…


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