Here are some quick tips about picking out the best wetsuit for cold water swimming.

Looking for a new wetsuit to swim in cold water? Here are some tips for choosing the right one for you.

1. Start with the thickness of the wetsuit. Made of neoprene rubber, wetsuits range in thickness from 1mm to 5mm. Look for a wetsuit that has 4-5mm thickness in the core and chest, with 2-3mm thickness in the hips and arms.

2. Pair with other open water swimming tools. There are other ways to stay warm out in open water, including using a neoprene swimming hoodie or swim booties.

3. Choose a swimming wetsuit, not a surfing wetsuit. Even though the material of the wetsuits is the same, suits designed for surfing are stiffer around the shoulders and hips. A wetsuit made for cold water swimming has flexion in the shoulders and hips so that you can swim with proper technique out in the open water.

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