Wearing golf shoes during a round of play provides you with traction during your swing and while walking the course. Buying the right pair of golf shoes can occasionally be a challenge, as many brands and styles exist. Devote adequate time to shopping for a new pair of shoes to ensure you get the pair that fits correctly, is within your budget and looks sharp.

Step 1

Check the size of other shoes you own to determine your shoe size. Don’t take this information as a hard fact, as golf shoe sizing might be somewhat different, depending on the maker, but knowing it will give you a good starting point for sizes to try on.

Step 2

Determine the style of golf shoe that fits your needs. Modern-day shoes range significantly in appearance. Decide whether you want dress-style shoes, athletic-style shoes or even golf sandals.

Step 3

Browse the available shoes to find a number of pairs that fit your budget. Although comfort and style are important factors, golf shoes range considerably in price. If you want a pair for around $50, there’s no reason to consider the pairs in the $200 range.

Step 4

Pick out several pairs that meet your size and price requirements and try them on for size. If the shoe fits poorly, try a different size. Lace up or fasten the shoes or sandals and walk around to get a feel for the shoes’ comfort. Most new shoes are stiff when new and any discomfort you feel will not necessarily last. Your heel should fit snugly against the rear of the shoe and you should be able to wiggle your toes with ease. When laced up or fastened, the upper of the shoe should not press painfully on the top of your foot.

Step 5

Take the shoes to the store’s indoor driving range, if available. Borrow a club from the range and hit some balls into the net or simulator screen. Swinging while wearing the new shoes gives you an idea of how they will feel when using them. Repeat the process of trying on several pairs until you find the shoes that offers the comfort, price and style requirements you seek.


Wear the same style of socks you wear while golfing when trying on new shoes.
Some golf shoes come in waterproof materials, but they are generally more expensive than other styles.
Most shoes offer soft spikes rather than metal spikes. Pick a pair with soft spikes, as metal spikes are prohibited at many golf courses.

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