Lately the NFL has become a pawn for the left. You caved in for those who feel oppressed, i.e. people who won't be happy until they can commit their crimes without police intervention. People who try to use the color of their skin to escape justice. Meanwhile you have offended every veteran out there that used to enjoy the game of football. You have spat on the very same flag that has draped the coffins of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. You can't even bring yourselves to honor the National Anthem.

My tip is, get over yourselves. You are spitting on the very same country that made you millionaires. You spit on the people that love the game of football, and you spit on the veterans who are fed up with you spoiled brats. The big boycott is coming very soon, and you will be hit the hardest where it counts, in your pocketbooks. I am an Iraq war veteran, 60% disabled, who has seen countless buddies of mine give their lives for this country, and I’ll be damned if they died in vain for a bunch of disrespectful rich whining bastards who couldn’t care less. Tell Eli to keep his little autographed football. I would just burn it anyways…….

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