Devin Soto
Wichita, United States


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Football – Pass Rush Techniques

Frequently we talk here about a player’s technique when we write evaluations of a position or a coach. In football there is more to it than just running around and knowing where to be to make the play. There is a way to properly make a tackle, there is a way to execute a block…

Football – Understanding Gap Assignment

An important component of good defense in football is understanding your gap assignments. Your coach might tell you, if you’re playing linebacker for example, that you drop in zone coverage on pass, and you have “B” gap if it’s a run play. So how do you know which gap is which? How Are the Gaps…

Football – MORE Defensive End Drills

Overview The defensive end is one of the most important players on the football field. The defensive end has two major responsibilities: He must be able to stop the opponent’s running game, and he must put significant pressure on opposing quarterbacks. His goal is to “sack,” or tackle, the quarterback, or get a hand on…

Football – Defensive End Drills

You can turn on the TV on any fall Sunday and see players like J.J. Watt, Charles Johnson and Jared Allen making plays all over the field; but what you don’t see are the endless hours of practice that refine the technique these players need to thrive. Although defensive linemen drills may sound boring, athletes…

Football – Tackling Drills

Arguably the toughest job in football is defensive coordinator. They spend weeks preparing for new types of offenses while continuing to improve their players’ fundamental skills. One week they may face a four-wide team that throws 70 percent of the time, then turn right around to play a triple option team in the following game….