The Qubebasketballtrainer helps players improve their shooting physically and conceptually.
Physically, the QUBE teaches correct hand placement on the ball as well as proper elbow/wrist alignment.
Conceptually, the QUBE teaches you that the most important thing about shooting a basketball is to shoot it straight… If you miss left or right your shot is flawed. The QUBE also teaches proper arc by having the player push their shooting elbow upward into an upright vertical locked position. Your elbow should finish above your eyebrow. The more arc you have on the ball the larger the target becomes and the better your chances are of making your shot. The QUBE helps you develop muscle memory that transfers easily to a real ball. Also, another great thing about the QUBE is that you don’t need a rim to shoot at. And remember, Basketball’s a lot more fun to play when you can shoot! For more information on the QUBE please visit

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