Place a ball on each hash mark.

This is a 1 vs. 1 drill so there is only one defence and one attack.

The attack collects the ball from the ground and heads to goal. The defence is playing full pressure at all times. Challenge on the ground ball and block their path to goal the whole way.

If the attack drops the ball or the defence takes possession of the ball at any stage, the ball is then dead and the attack must move to collect the next ground ball.

The attackers job is to get the ball to goal. The defenders job is to make this as difficult as possible for the attack.

This can be modified by having a feeder behind each hash mark to pass the ball to the attacker. The play then continues exactly as it would if the attacker had just picked the ball up off the ground.

This drill is perfect for when you are lacking in numbers or for players to practice outside of training time with a friend.

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