Regarded as one of the top offensive minds in the sport, Penn State coach Jeff Tambroni is in his fifth season at the helm of the Nittany Lions program, and the inaugural season of Big Ten lacrosse. The 2013 CAA Coach of the Year and 2009 USILA Division I Coach of the Year, he previously led Cornell to three final four appearances (2007, 2009-10) and the 2009 national championship game, and entering this season has amassed a .692 career winning percentage (144-64). He also served as an assistant coach for the 2014 U.S. Men’s National Team that claimed silver at the FIL World Championship’s-jeff-tambroni

Regarded as one of the top offensive minds in the sport, Penn State coach Jeff Tambroni is in his fifth season at the helm of the Nittany Lions program, and the inaugural season of Big Ten lacrosse.

The 2013 CAA Coach of the Year and 2009 USILA Division I Coach of the Year, he previously led Cornell to three final four appearances (2007, 2009-10) and the 2009 national championship game, and entering this season has amassed a .692 career winning percentage (144-64). He also served as an assistant coach for the 2014 U.S. Men’s National Team that claimed silver at the FIL World Championship in Denver last summer.

We reached out to Tambroni as part of our “Next Level Thinking” package in the March issue of Lacrosse Magazine. Here are his top three pieces of advice for lacrosse coaches who are looking to take their program to the next level.

1. Fundamentals
“Develop your players fundamentals first, second and third in the priority of your on-field game plan. A distant fourth would be schemes and patterns of slides and offensive formations.” [click to tweet]

2. Discipline
“Emphasize and take a disciplined approach to off-field weight training, nutrition and flexibility to avoid unnecessary injuries and to keep up with the growing pace and athleticism of our sport.” [click to tweet]

3. Culture
“Develop a leadership and culture plan the same way you develop your practice plan. Spend time developing your plan—and more importantly, your players—every day by communicating your vision and establishing a collaborative work environment to achieve your common goal.” [click to tweet]

Tambroni also chimed in on recruiting multi-sport athletes and why his three daughters play more than one sport in this blog post.

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