Offensive hockey plays are an important part of the game. If you do not have a good offensive hockey play, you will not be able to score goals. These plays are made so that you can get closer to the opponents net and score. Here are a few easy one you might want to try out. Break out-up the center Once your team has gained possession of the puck in your defensive zone, break out offensive hockey plays come in very handy. This play is one of the most basic and pretty much everybody can execute it. The play starts

Offensive hockey plays are an important part of the game. If you do not have a good offensive hockey play, you will not be able to score goals. These plays are made so that you can get closer to the opponents net and score. Here are a few easy one you might want to try out.

Break out-up the center

Once your team has gained possession of the puck in your defensive zone, break out offensive hockey plays come in very handy. This play is one of the most basic and pretty much everybody can execute it. The play starts with your defensemen having possession of the puck in the corner. They begin to skate towards the net and if they realize that, they are not being pressured by the opposing team, skates towards center ice. If everything goes well the will make the opposing team all move to the defence and by doing that, it will open up passing lanes. The defenseman then passes to the center men who quickly pass to a breaking winger. For this play to work the defensemen must make a perfect pass or else the puck could wound up in front of your net for a scoring chance.

Neutral zone regroupOffensive Hockey Plays

This offensive hockey play is very useful when you are attacking the other team’s defensive zone and you are stopped at the blue line. A reason for this happening is a bad pass or an inadequate speed coming into the zone or simply a good play by the defensive players. There are three important things to remember when you want to execute the play. This play has variation but the essentials are; a pass from the forwards back to their defence, criss crossing of the forwards in the neutral zone, a crisp pass from the defence back to forward as they cross the blue line.

Hitting the trailer

The play is a classic one that is used in all levels of hockey. From beginners to pros, this play will always be there. It starts with the leading rusher entering the zone on the right or the left side while staying close to the boards. The opposing team will protect the center of the rink and give the player who has the puck some room as they do not want them to have enough speed to get behind them and then go to the net. Once the players crosses the blue line and goes into the opponent’s zone, the player must stop quickly close to the boards. After he has stopped, he must pass to the trailing winger or center as the crosses the blue line for a shot to the net. The goalie will certainly be off angle since he is concentrating on the puck carrier and not the forwards coming in the zone.

With these offensive hockey plays, you should not have any trouble finding your way close to your opponents net. As with any play though, the other team will catch on if you do not vary your attack.

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