What are you tracking in your training? The things that matter most to your performance on game day?


High-performance athletes love to track their training. Whether it’s logging volume, time spent in target heart rates, or how much wattage they are putting out, we love to see how today’s performance stacks up against yesterday’s workout. There are plenty of benefits to taking a deep dive into the stats of your training sessions, not the least of which it gives you a clear representation of whether or not you are making progress.

But not everything you track or everything you can see results for matter. The sheer amount of data available does create an interesting problem—all of the information can begin to look like it all matters equally.

Before you go crazy detailing every last aspect of your workouts, consider what the most impactful areas of your training are, and focus on those.

RPE (rate of perceived exertion)? Sleep? Nutrition? How many workouts you made it to this month?

Sit down and focus on the things that matter most to your training, and work on tracking those in order to keep yourself accountable.

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