It’s off!!!

It lasted 7 days with lots of accommodations for driving, work, walking, stairs, etc. Plus the boot, the ice, the meds, etc. Not my favorite week.

It is typical to start with a heel lift inside the walking boot to further de-load the Achilles and calf musculature. As a progression, I removed it on day 6. This changed my gait and significantly increased my opposite side front hip pain. It was sharp. I therefore, started without the boot with short strides and a lot of caution.

I went to work the next day but took it easy again. Thanks to my staff for helping. At least I didn’t look as helpless in front of my patients. I was still careful to avoid pain and not get up too fast. I continued with sneakers with heel lifts as well. There were no dress shoes yet although many dress shoes have a heel so are sometime comfortable.

A couple days later I was walking without a limp. Stairs took a little while longer. There is weakness and no explosion but no pain. This is huge. The rest will come. At least another week but half speed stair stepper was completed pain free and upper body weights continue. I did try to decrease my caloric intake to make up for less exercise (FYI).

I am not running yet but I am walking and functioning normally at home and work. It has only been two weeks. Muscle belly injuries typically do heal faster due to better blood flow. Initially after the boot removal, the calf didn’t hurt walking or at work, but I was very apprehensive. This is kinesiophobia (fear of movement). This is a mild deal to me but a big deal for many athletes returning to their sport after a significant injury. You have to get physically better but you also have to get over the brain’s protective mechanisms that keep you from moving normally and competing again at your highest level. This can be the last thing to improve and the last hurdle to jump even when all the physical tests are normal. Everyone goes through it but athletes must overcome this to really “let it go” 100% on the field again. It takes longer for some.

Keep this in mind!!!

I am glad this chapter ended. I still want to play basketball though. I am not that old. A compression sleeve may help. I guess this really is still “to be continued.” Wish me luck.

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