Open to players from 8-16 years of all standards. We combine fun, social and a thoughtfully structured coaching program to ensure maximum progression and learning for all involved. Our coaches have been running these sessions as a team for many years and continue to work together to improve and evolve the camps.

Sample camp:

  • Warm ups: We use the elitesquash warm up method for all camps blending which bring balance, stability, coordination, timing and rhythm to the body.
  • Coach feeding fir the given theme, helping each player sense their own technical details to focus on
  • Routines to develop the theme focusing on control of the ball and movement timing
  • Conditioned games in parts of the full court emphasising the use of skill and intelligence to solve tactical and technical puzzles
  • Full court play
  • Lunch
  • Watch examples of the world’s top players on TV, drawing attention to how they mix the pace of the game to great effect. Pick out three main teaching points noticed on the video
  • elitesquash warm up
  • Solo practice sessions including demonstrations, technical points and how to implement into weekly program
  • Full court games with player specific conditions to encourage better tactical choices and improve understanding of pace variation
  • Team tournament
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