Basketball coaches love players that can rebound. So anything you can do to improve your rebounding will get you more playing time and help your team win games.

Here are five (5) simple and effective tips to improve your rebounding. In fact, these tips are so simple you have no excuse to not start working on them right now!

Run to the Front of the Basket on Your Fast Break

If you want to encounter a lot of offensive rebounds, run to the front of the basket during your fast break. This is a great time to do so because the defense is not in position for the rebound yet.

Run to the Front of the Rim on the Dribble Drive

During dribble penetration, follow your teammate to the rim so you can be there to retrieve the ball if he misses. This is a great time to rebound because the defense usually collapses on the drive and they forget to block out. This will allow you to get more offensive rebounds as well as points.

Practice Drills That Teach You to Rebound Outside Your Area

Great rebounders go for the ball no matter where it’s at. Bad rebounders stand and watch because they think the ball it out of their reach.

You can teach yourself to rebound out of your area by running basketball rebounding drills that make you go a long ways to get the ball. For example, throw the ball off the back board on the other side of the rim and “go get it!”

Make Contact Before Your Opponent

You will be able to be in control of what happens if you make contact first when boxing out. Make sure to hit them first before they make contact with you to ensure leverage. Remember, anticipate and always be first. This will give you the edge.

Start Moving as the Shooter is Uncoiling

If you react and mover quicker, you will improve anticipation and get more rebounds. As the shooter is uncoiling start the contact by blocking out. Do the same on offense; as the shooter uncoils go after the rebound. You will get more rebounds!

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Husband, Father of two 'sports crazed' boys, Sports Marketing Executive by day, youth sports Coach by night/weekend.

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