Here is a list of drills for a basic 1 hour practice: Warm-up = stretching 1) "Simon Says": use basketball routines such as triple threat, defense position, sliding side to side, etc trying to get the kids to pay attention while doing basketball skills, 2) Passing drill, 3) Ball handling drill, 4) Lay-up drill, 5) Rebound drill, 6) end last 15 minutes with basic scrimmage *Make sure there are a couple water breaks!

The flow of a basketball practice should be basic skills in the beginning, concentrating on form and ending with scrimmage. Kids can get lazy with passing and shooting and tend to rush through drills. Ensure you are stopping the drill to give feedback and correct any bad form – or to slow the drill down “It’s not a race kids.” Set up cones around the gym so they can dribble and focus on form – protecting the ball with arm out, bending knees and looking up.

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