Description The objective is to improve a player's free throw shooting in a more game-like situation. Too many players practice free throw shooting when they are fresh and not focused. This drill will make a player have to hit their foul shots when they are tired and breathing hard and also make consequences for missing their free throws.  Setup Nothing more than a court and a ball.  Any number of players can participate. Instructions Begin starting on the basline with a ball.  Run two laps (down and back twice).  After two laps stop and shoot two free throws.  After

The objective is to improve a player’s free throw shooting in a more game-like situation. Too many players practice free throw shooting when they are fresh and not focused. This drill will make a player have to hit their foul shots when they are tired and breathing hard and also make consequences for missing their free throws. 


Nothing more than a court and a ball.  Any number of players can participate.


Begin starting on the basline with a ball.  Run two laps (down and back twice).  After two laps stop and shoot two free throws.  After shooting the two free throws the player runs again.  Three laps is the starting number, but the player can reduce that number for each of the two foul shots they made.  So if they made both free throws they only have to run 1 lap.  If they split the foul shots they have 2 laps and if they missed both then 3 laps.  Continue the drill for 5 repetitions.  This will not only work on hitting foul shots when the palyer is breathing hard it will also give a little fitness work.


The laps can be run with or without a ball.  Increase or decrease the repetitions based upon player age or fitness/free throw work desired.

Coaching Points

Make sure the player takes their time and gathers themselves before stepping to the free throw line.  Look for proper follow through and lower body form.

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Warren JFK High School : Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track and Field.

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