Although it wasn't always the case, today's game of basketball is the same regardless of gender. Therefore, female basketball players can do any of the drills that guys do. Just remember that every athlete is unique, and what may be a strength for one could be a weakness for another. Want to acquire the tools necessary to become a complete player? Try the following girls' basketball drills and watch yourself get better. Obviously, drills don't do you any good just knowing about them. It's up to you to dedicate the time to perform them. If

Although it wasn’t always the case, today’s game of basketball is the same regardless of gender. Therefore, female basketball players can do any of the drills that guys do. Just remember that every athlete is unique, and what may be a strength for one could be a weakness for another.

Want to acquire the tools necessary to become a complete player? Try the following girls’ basketball drills and watch yourself get better.

Obviously, drills don’t do you any good just knowing about them. It’s up to you to dedicate the time to perform them. If you’re unable to do some of them at first, that’s OK, because it gives you something to work toward.

Coaching Point
Look through the basketball drills and think about what you need to work on personally to become a complete player. For example, if you’re a weak ball handler, spend extra time each day doing some of the dribbling skills. Don’t ignore your strengths; but if you are only able to catch and shoot and can’t dribble, the defense will close you out hard and make you put the ball on the floor. Make a list of both strengths and weaknesses and determine how much time you need to devote to each of them.

Girls’ Ball Handling Drills
A lot of players get bored or tired of dribbling drills, because they do the same ones every day. With this list of different ball handling categories, you can keep yourself challenged and the material fresh.

• One-Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills
• One-Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills (Stationary)
• Partner Tennis Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills
• Tennis Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills
• Tennis Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills (Stationary)
• Two-Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills
• Two-Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills (Stationary)
• Wall Basketball Dribbling Drills
• Wall Tennis Ball Dribbling Drill

Girls’ Shooting Drills
These drills work on different kinds of shots, from catch and shoot to off of the dribble. Some even work on a specific type of cut into a shot.

• 3 -Level Form Shooting Drill
• Block-to-Block Shooting Drill
• Touch Shots Curl Shooting Drill
• Star Drill Mid-Range Shots
• Bob Knight 3-Point Shooting Drill
• Moves on the Move Shooting Drill
• Ray Allen Curl Cut Shooting Drill
• Ray Allen Straight Cut Shooting Drill
• Ray Allen Fade Cut Shooting Drill

Girls’ Passing Drills
This is an important part of the game. Master it and you’ll add a lot of value to your team as a player.

• Chest Pass Drill
• Bounce Pass Drill
• Wrap Around Pass Drill
• Wrap Around Bounce Pass Drill
• 2 Basketballs Partner Passing Drill
• Partner Passing Off the Dribble Drill
• Combo Move Partner Passing Drill

Girls’ Footwork Drills
Good footwork translates to many areas of the game, so even if you devote only 15 minutes a day to it, you’ll see improvement. Here are some great footwork drills, which you can do almost anywhere you have open space.

• Foot Ups Footwork Drill
• Foot Ups Side-to-Side Footwork Drill
• Lateral Cone Steps Drill
• Figure 8 Footwork Drill
• Foot Ups Around the World Footwork Drill
• Foot Ups Forward & Backwards Footwork Drill
• Reverse Figure 8 Footwork Drill

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