Eddie Bernard
Fort Lee, United States
Sports loving dad from The Garden State


Basketball – Conditioning | 4 Exercises to Improve Vertical Jump

Here are four exercises from Better Basketball that form the core of a leg strengthening workout. Note: You will do 1 set of each exercise, then go back and do each set again (i.e, 1, 2, 3, 4 – then repeat). REMEMBER TO JUMP AS HIGH AS YOU CAN ON EACH JUMP Exercise 1 Stand…

Volleyball – Indoor | Passing Volleyball Skills Serve Receive and Defense

The key to passing volleyball skills is being in an athletic posture ready to react and move every second the ball is in play. Ready Stance Players should start in an athletic position relaxed and ready to move. Stand with your knees flexed comfortably with your weight on the balls of your feet. React and…

Soccer – Conditioning | The Drill That Could Save Your Soccer Career

Whether you’re watching the World Cup, English Premier League, La Liga, or Olympic soccer, you may think about grabbing your cleats from the back of the closet to play some pickup with friends.  And if that’s the case, former United States national team goalkeeper Tony Meola has some advice for you: Make sure you prepare…

ESports – General | Esports Coaching Guide – How To Find A Gaming Coach Or Become One?

Where to find esports coaches? For the first part of our topic, I will be tackling on where to find the most common esports coaches. To be honest, you can actually find them anywhere, but the good ones are harder to come by. For the budget conscious people or teams, you can try looking for…

Fitness – General | Why You Should Log Your Workouts

A lot of athletes reflect and log their workouts, but very few truly record and evaluate what they are doing in training. For example, grading your effort after each practice or training session can give you an immediate accountability measure to use to encourage better effort moving forward. You can also share your logbook with…

Golf – Short game | Chip it Like a PGA Tour Pro!

Using the ‘bounce’ of the club Firstly, we need to make sure your setup is helping you out. It’s similar to bunker shots, because what you have to remember is to get in touch with the ground. If your club isn’t striking any part of the ground while you’re swinging or you’re in the rough…


American football is a team sport that is characterized by short duration, high-intensity bouts of exercise followed by brief recovery periods (25-40 s) (Craig, 1968). The physical demographics of the athletes are quite variable depending on the position played; skill players are typically lean and quick, whereas the linemen are larger individuals with both larger…

General – College Recruiting | Interview: University of Rochester Head Baseball Coach

General – College Recruiting | Interview: University of Cincinnati Cheerleaders

General – College Recruiting | Davidson College Track & Field/CC Coaches Offer Recruiting Advice


Basketball – Conditioning | 4 Exercises to Improve Vertical Jump

Here are four exercises from Better Basketball that form the core of a leg strengthening workout. Note: You will do 1 set of each exercise, then go back and do each set again (i.e, 1, 2, 3, 4 – then repeat). REMEMBER TO JUMP AS HIGH AS YOU CAN ON EACH JUMP Exercise 1 Stand…

ESports – General | Eight (8) Fortnite Battle Royale Tips from Pro Streamer GernaderJake

Be Aggressive. Exit Theatre Mode. … Master the Healing System. Health is the green bar at the very bottom middle of the screen. … Know Your Arsenal and Prepare For All Scenarios. Exit Theatre Mode. … Consistent Weapon Slotting. Exit Theatre Mode. … Aim Low. … Build Build Build! … Get Down and Stay Down….

Football – Offense-backfield | 7 Steps to Succeeding at Running Back

Notice Your Weaknesses If you are able to watch back a tape of your performances then do so and make a note of where you are making mistakes. Maybe you are having trouble following your blockers or making the correct cuts when required. When you know and understand the areas you need to improve you…

ESports – General | Disrupting the eSports Coaching Market with Blockchain & Asura Coins

For decades now, gaming has been viewed as a waste of time, something only kids play while growing up. However the current time speaks differently, eSports being one of the fastest and largest growing markets in the world, players being offered long term sponsorships, full-time salaries just like any other profession and unbelievable tournament prize…

Fitness – Fitness | The 6 Best Arm Exercises For Women

Arm Circle What You’ll Need: A pair of 3-pound dumbbells Targets: Shoulders, back, triceps, biceps Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended straight out to sides at shoulder height. Keeping shoulders down, do 20 small backward circles. Switch directions; do 20 forward circles. Beginner: Shoulder Press Targets: Shoulders, triceps Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding…

Football – Defense | Defensive Drills Youth Football Teams NEED to Run

As the head coach of a youth football team, it is important to develop a balanced defense that excels at the fundamentals. In doing so, you’ll initially separate the entire defense into three primary groups: defensive backs, linebackers, and defensive lineman. This will allow you to teach the most important individual skills that are required…


Volleyball is a beloved sport all around the globe. It is played indoors in arenas as well as out on the beach, in the sand. Regardless of where you play, it’s important to play smart volleyball – and there are some tips in order to accomplish this. Be Prepared One of the first ways to…

Golf – Swing Tips | Fast New Ways to Lower Your Handicap

“If you want to improve your playing skills, you have to know exactly what needs improving. It won’t help to empty a bucket of range balls with your driver when it’s your putting that’s killing your scores. I understood this 30 years ago, when I first began measuring the skills of the PGA Tour players…

Fitness – Fitness | 5 CrossFit Workouts You’ll Actually Have Fun Doing

CrossFit workouts aren’t known for being easy. The whole approach to fitness seems to take sick pleasure in serving up puke-tastic, balls-to-the-wall workouts that leave you curled up on the floor. But even so, there are a few killer routines that stand out as not just brutal but fun as hell. Ready for a challenge?…


Coaches play a huge role in a swimmer’s career. From their first strokes to their first big meet, coaches are always there beside their athletes. Many athletes see the great things their coaches do for them, but I’ve run into some who say they hate their swim coach. A strong coach-to-athlete relationship will make you…


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Husband, Father of two 'sports crazed' boys, Sports Marketing Executive by day, youth sports Coach by night/weekend.
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TPI certified Golf Fitness Expert! Former college golfer using fitness to improve your golf game! www.fitgolfergirl.com
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Father of five boys - my kids play all sports.
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Shot Mechanics combines the advantages of personalized coaching with the accessibility of the internet.
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Grandma with two sports crazy grandsons! I also coach softball and girls basketball as my passion!
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Father of two hockey cray sons.
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US born and bred - living in Rome! :)
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I enjoy hanging out with my family, coaching and playing golf though I don't get to do much of that anymore :)
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Head football and basketball coach at Taft High School in LA.
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Tennis lover, D1 athlete and tennis coach to kids.
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Father of four and High School Basketball Coach
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Rob Bell

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Dr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. Written 6 Books on Mental Toughness. Works with Collegiate and Professionals.
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