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Milan, Italy


ESports – General | What Does An Esports Coach Do? A Chat with NRG.Seamoose

Esports is undeniably on the upswing: every year, the prize pools – and audiences – grow larger! Organized teams are now fixtures of every scene, and the hunger for narrative has given us underdogs and superheroes aplenty to cheer for. But with increased professionalism comes pressure to perform – and more to manage too! Every…

Football – Conditioning | Four (4) football conditioning drills to consider this preseason

The average football play lasts five seconds with 25 to 30 seconds between plays. Coaches understand that to prepare for this, there’s little use for long distance running or 100-yard gassers. Football conditioning must be tailored toward anaerobic training to produce athletes capable of keeping up with the pace of the game. Ryan Sprague of…

General – Sports Parenting | Noted surgeon Dr. James Andrews wants your young athlete to stay healthy by playing less

James Andrews has seen enough. Enough of coaches who mean well and try hard, but who really don’t know what they need to know. Enough of parents who think their son or daughter is the next superstar athlete and must be pushed and pushed and pushed. Enough of youngsters who are forced to visit him…

Softball – Hitting | The Best Drills for Fast Hands & Hitting in Fastpitch Softball

Drop Drill This is a popular drill that is supposed to help improve hand/bat speed and also hand/eye coordination. A dropper–or pitcher–stands one to one and a half steps to the side and slightly in front of the batter, whose eyes are trained straight ahead as if they are waiting on a pitch from the…

General – College Recruiting | James Blake Interview


Kettlebells and yoga may not seem like the most compatible pairing at first glance, but trust us: Together, they actually create a very well-rounded fitness program. “Kettlebells are an optimal tool for yoga cross-training, because they can be used anywhere, and because they integrate strength and cardiovascular conditioning into a single practice,” yoga teacher and…

Track & Field – Running | Drills for Proper Running Form

Triathletes widely recognize the importance of good form in the pursuit of increased efficiency. Yet that same dedication to technique and form often takes a backseat in the discipline of running.  Triathletes widely recognize the importance of good form in the pursuit of increased efficiency and faster times in the water. Yet that same dedication…

General – Mental | Are You Tracking the Things That Matter?

High-performance athletes love to track their training. Whether it’s logging volume, time spent in target heart rates, or how much wattage they are putting out, we love to see how today’s performance stacks up against yesterday’s workout. There are plenty of benefits to taking a deep dive into the stats of your training sessions, not…

Baseball – Fielding/Throwing | The Five Best Fielding Drills for Young Baseball Players

Every young Little Leaguer knows that hitting it the best part of baseball practice. Sure, everybody needs to practice fielding grounders, catching fly balls, and turning double plays, but when it comes to pure fun, it’s hard to beat whacking 20 slow-pitched balls around the field. The problem with batting practice, of course, is that it…

ESports – General | The Rise of Esports


Tennis – Conditioning | Unspoken Tennis Coaching Tips for Juniors

#1: Focus on Fun We play sport for a lot of reasons. But no matter what level we’re at, what usually got us started in the game was simple – we had fun. To avoid turning players off or burning them out, keep things as varied as possible. Come up with games and challenges. They…

Track & Field – Running | Drills for Proper Running Form

Triathletes widely recognize the importance of good form in the pursuit of increased efficiency. Yet that same dedication to technique and form often takes a backseat in the discipline of running.  Triathletes widely recognize the importance of good form in the pursuit of increased efficiency and faster times in the water. Yet that same dedication…

Golf – Short game | Master the Long Bunker Shot

So many amateurs come to me completely spooked by the Darth Vader of golf, how to play out of bunkers without fear. It’s funny: from day one I embraced bunker play; perhaps it was the creative aspect the shot required. There are several ways to skin this cat. Allow me to simply share a few…

Water sports – Water Polo | How to Make a Pressure Pass in Water Polo Read more at: http://waterpolo.isport.com/water-polo-guides/how-to-make-a-pressure-pass-in-water-polo

A pressure pass is any pass made while being closely defended. It can be a stressful situation in a game, and often causes new players to panic and make poor passes. Getting comfortable passing under pressure — before being forced into it in a game situation — is important. This guide explains how to execute…

Fitness – Fitness | Crossfit Strength-Training Tips From the

When you’re not the kind of woman who’s used to picking up weights at the gym, the sheer thought of strength training can be intimidating. But if you have yet to schedule a date with dumbbells, now is as good of a time as any to consider it (and research agrees). Within a few days…

Soccer – Offense | Soccer Shooting Agility Drill

Setup Place a goalkeeper in the goal. Set a winger player on either side of the field. Place a target player near the top of the penalty area. About 35 yards out, line-up 5-6 cones about 1 yard apart. The remaining players should form a line (with soccer balls) behind the line of cones. Instructions…

Soccer – Offense | Football/Soccer: Play the Italian way!

Play the Italian way 1. Play the Italian WayPlay the Italian Way Giuseppe EmmaGiuseppe Emma UEFA B Preparatory CourseUEFA B Preparatory Course CoachCoach 2. Origins of the gameOrigins of the game  Before the introduction of the offside rule, the Italian gameBefore the introduction of the offside rule, the Italian game (1934 squad showed below)…

Soccer – Offense-shooting | Soccer Shooting Breakout

Overview Two teams compete to win in this neat small-sided game by outscoring each other. However, this game has a twist with the breakout factor giving one team the chance to score an additional goal as well as presenting the opposition with a quick overload situation. Set up Pitch 60yds x 30yds Three goals, one…

ESports – General | How to become an Esports Coach

Behind every great esports team there are staff who will help train and get the best out of them. Here’s information on how to become a coach and what the role consists of… What is a coach? Like traditional sports, a coach will help the team train against other teams (aka ‘scrim’) in order to…


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Travel + Cameras = Perfection IG: @iamjeremydavis
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Ohio  Sports Dad

Ohio , United States

Husband, Father of two 'sports crazed' boys, Sports Marketing Executive by day, youth sports Coach by night/weekend.
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World-class instruction to help youth sports coaches and parents gain insight and ideas.
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I'm a youth sports coach - love to surf! Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Swimming
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Passionate wife, mother of three & youth sports coach - love ALL sports and I love to coach!!!! xo
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Sports loving dad from The Garden State - NJ
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TPI certified Golf Fitness Expert! Former college golfer using fitness to improve your golf game! www.fitgolfergirl.com
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Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track
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Father of five boys - my kids play all sports.
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Collin Castellaw

collin@shotmechanics.com, United States

Shot Mechanics combines the advantages of personalized coaching with the accessibility of the internet.
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Grandma with two sports crazy grandsons! I also coach softball and girls basketball as my passion!
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MotoGP Global Executive, Sports fan.
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Mother, golfer and sports nut!
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Mother of 4, Marketing Executive, wife.
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OC born and raised. Living in Napa Valley. Major sports guy, father of two, youth sports coach.
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Warren JFK High School : Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track and Field.
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Rome, Italy

US born and bred - living in Rome! :)
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Hockey mom with two boys that LOVE the sport! I spend the majority of my time playing taxi driver and laundromat!!!
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Naples, FL , United States

Father of three boys, coach: football, basketball and baseball
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I enjoy hanging out with my family, coaching and playing golf though I don't get to do much of that anymore :)
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Dr. John Kuruvilla

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Los Angeles , United States

Head football and basketball coach at Taft High School in LA.
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Tennis lover, D1 athlete and tennis coach to kids.
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Father of four and High School Basketball Coach
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