Carolina is a Certified Personal Trainer and TPI certified Golf Fitness Coach. Carolina's experiences as a high level competitive golfer, in addition with her knowledge and experience in fitness, can help you take your golf game to the next level!

If you have an office job and you spend your weekdays counting down the hours until you can tee off, I have good news for you! This week I will be showing you the best stretches that you can do at your desk that will translate to great results at the golf course!
Do these stretches at least once a day for best results and don’t forget to go for a walk during your lunch break to get those legs moving!

1. Behind the head chest stretch
2. Behind the chair chest stretch
3. Reverse plank on desk
4. Lat stretch on desk
5. Seated figure 4 stretch
6. Wrist Stretch
7. Neck Stars
8. Seated Thoracic turns

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TPI certified Golf Fitness Expert! Former college golfer using fitness to improve your golf game!

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