Practice Cycle: The practice cycle includes 6 hours of time in the practice areas. It encompasses all aspects of the game and the practice routines, drills, etc that will be used on the course.

The 6 hours are broken into the following time allocations:

Putting – 1 Hour Short Game – 2 Hours

Routine – 1 Hour Full Swing – 2 Hours

You should complete 1 full practice cycle for every 3 times you play golf on the course. It is crucial to your success to balance time on the course with your time in the practice areas.

Putting: (One hour of time each cycle). Putting is broken into 4 parts. Each part is equally important. Take enough time to complete each drill. To do all the drills it will take more than 1 hour so rotate through the drills when you work on putting.

Ladder Drill: Step 1 – Make 20 in a row from 3 feet. If you miss – start over.

Step 2 – Make 9/10 from 6 feet. If you miss more than 1 – start over.

Step 3 – Make 5/10 from 10 feet. If you miss more than 5 –start over.

· If the drill becomes easy, when you start over in any step – go back to step #1. Purpose is to create pressure and build confidence.

Ruler Drill: Using the yellow ruler (3 foot metal lowes ruler) – roll 10 balls off the ruler without them falling off. Do this for straight putts, left to right putts and right to left putts. If you don’t get to 10 in a row, start over. Purpose is to work on putter face control.

Connect Tees: Place tees every 2 steps across the green from 6 feet to 36 feet. Roll 1 putt to a tee then the next and so on. Focus on keeping the same timing (1 second to the hit) for every distance. Work from closest to farthest, then farthest to closest. Should be able to hit to each tee without missing to complete the drill.

Routine Drill: Putt with 1 ball – 18 holes on the practice green. Go through the entire routine each time starting with marking the ball. Should complete in 36 putts or less with no 3-putts to finish the drill.

Short Game: (Two hours of time each Cycle).

½ Hour of Bunker Play (all wedges, shots from greenside to full swing)

½ Hour of Chipping (any shot up to 30 yards away – fairway, rough, bad lies, etc.)

½ Hour of Pitching (any shot from 30 yards to a full swing – fairway, rough, bad lies, etc.)

½ Hour of Full Swing wedge shots (all wedges – fairway, rough, bad lies, etc.)

Full Swing: (Two Hours of Time each Cycle)

½ Hour using sticks on the ground working on swing mechanics.

½ Hour hitting Irons (all irons – from turf, tees, fairway, rough and bunkers)

½ Hour hitting hybrids / fairway clubs (from turf, tees, fairway, rough and bunkers)

½ Hour hitting Driver

Routine: (One Hour of time each Cycle)

Routine practice is the key to take what we do in the practice areas to the course. Starting with the driver, take one full swing with every club through the wedge. Go through the full routine each time starting with taking the club out of the bag, assessing the lie, practice swing, etc. After the wedge, do the same for each short game shot (partial swings and pitches). After the shortest pitch shot, start over with the driver. Complete this activity for the hour. If you go through the bag more than three times, you are going too fast.

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