Youth sports are in a constantly changing cycle of evolution. They simply are not what they used to be. Youth sports as a whole have grown to be more demanding and time consuming than ever before. From after-school practices to weekend long out of state soccer tournaments, you may be starting to ask yourself where did all my “me” time go? The time, money, and effort spent on making your child’s competitive experience everything they want it to be is no easy task. It’s a full-time job in and of itself, and when you’re working, even part

Youth sports are in a constantly changing cycle of evolution. They simply are not what they used to be. Youth sports as a whole have grown to be more demanding and time consuming than ever before. From after-school practices to weekend long out of state soccer tournaments, you may be starting to ask yourself where did all my “me” time go? The time, money, and effort spent on making your child’s competitive experience everything they want it to be is no easy task. It’s a full-time job in and of itself, and when you’re working, even part time, the weight of being a sports parent can feel overwhelming. You’re primary goal as a mother is to make sure your child receives the experience they want and deserve. However, raising children and keeping them motivated and excited to be involved in sports can be a daunting task even for families with both parents. That pressure and level of responsibility is doubled when you’re going at it all alone. So before you start feeling frustrated, confused, and ready to give up; here’s some advice we believe can help you get on track to being the best single youth sport’s mom one can be.
How Can You Be Good Sports Parent?

There’s plenty of ways to be a “good” sports parent, even if you’re a single mom. Sure, the responsibilities of being a single mom are significant, but there are always opportunities to lighten the load.
People with kids in competitive sports assume a variety of duties each and every day. From grocery shopping, to balancing household finances, to being your child’s number one fan, the life of a sports mom never seems to end.
We have a few tips that we believe will help make your experience as a single sports parent as painless as possible. To start, you don’t need to feel pressured to rush your kid into a sport just because a friend is doing it with their own child. Every kid is different, let them decide on their own, at their own pace. Find something your child is interested in that aligns well with their strengths, and then let them choose. This approach allows your child to freely choose what they most want to do with their time. The primary goal should be to find them something that they can enjoy while learning valuable skills like teamwork, responsibility, and how to make friends. Set realistic expecations like finishing the season or breaking a personal record, and always do your best to make them feel confident, even when they’re not.
• Don’t be a be helicopter parent, it’s only going to add stress to you, your child, and the coach.
• Be a safe place for your child after a bad game and their biggest fan after the good ones.
• Set an example for sportsmanship by putting forth a little extra effort to get along with the other parents and coaches.
Never Played the Sport – No worries Online Coaching is Now Here
Sometimes we can get frustrated that other kids may have an advantage over our due to the fact one of the other parents has lots of experience and wisdom they are passing down to their child we don’t have.
Do not let that be an issue in todays world. Online coaching may seem unfamiliar at first, but at one time so did online universities. Now we have kids attending grade school remotely through large scale online education companies, and consuming more information easier and at a higher rate than ever before.
That same level of technology is now available for gaining a developed understanding of sports. I remember football camp in the 1990’s was about $1,000 for a week, not to mention travel and additional expenses. This was fine for some, but there were a lot of families that never had access to this kind of instruction. Now there are services that make top of the line coaching available to families with all sorts of time and income restrictions. If you are one of the 70% of parents who have children who participate in youth sports, you should give a thought to online youth sports coaching . More than teaching how to play, the coaching inculcates a sense of motivation that your kids need if you want to them to progress as better athletes, and it might even push them to seek out additional learning resources on their own.
Online sports instruction is the easiest way to learn from some of the best coaches around the world, on your schedule, and is something you can do together.
Do Everything in your power to Be at Every Game – Be Ready To Multitask
If you’re a single mom, it surely feels like your responsibilities are tenfold the average parent. Do not let the pressure hold you back not being able to have your child look up and see you in the stands.
I’ve known some parents that amazed me with the amount of multi-tasking they were able to do at practice. In today’s digital age, we’re able to answer emails, have conference calls, knock things off our to-do list, all from our computer in the stands during a nice day.
Don’t be Too Commanding
Let the coaches coach, that’s what they are there for. If you and your kids decide to stay in sports, there will be a time when expectations are high, nervousness mounts, and the line between excitement and stress starts to blur. Until then, keep it light. Don’t yell at the coach after practice or during the game to put your kid in, it’s only going to embarrass you child and likely yourself later. Keep the encouragement up with positive reinforcement and patient conversation with the parties involved in his life.
**And Be Supermoms…. **
Moms are the most wonderful creatures on earth who seem capable of anything. It can seem like you’re not doing enough, but keep in mind that what is important you can do with the resources available and spending the time you do have, the right way.

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