We all know this, right? But who is watching your athletes’ running, jumping, landing, and cutting form? There are speed programs. There are vertical jump programs. But we need to include SAFETY with this training or we are set up to fail.

That is why we started a local center of Sportsmetrics. This program began at Cincinnati Sports Medicine with Dr. Frank Noyes. It is an ACL injury prevention program primarily for female athletes due to their higher risk. It quickly became an excellent program also for males and for performance enhancement. It is not just how fast you move, but are your body mechanics good enough to prevent non-contact lower extremity injuries? We train both!!!

Video tape landing and jumping form before training on computer software. We look for asymmetries, narrow knees, poor balance, hard landings, and other inconsistencies. We also do baseline movement measurements. Then training focuses on dynamic warm up, specific plyometrics (for speed AND safe movements), specific strengthening, flexibility, and other sports specific movements. We do post program testing and video. Note the wider knees, softer landings, more athletic, balance, symmetrical, etc. in the picture included (after on left, before on right, unknown copyright). This is a more powerful athlete, but also a safer athlete. 10% more athletic with decreased chances of major knee injuries in 6 weeks…..everyone should be calling me tomorrow!!!

So, look for programs that include safety with performance. We do this by having all the testing and training supervised by Doctors of Physical Therapy with specific sports knowledge. The athletes know they are with biomechanical experts!

Kash Eagleton, DPT, SCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified Sports Physical Therapy Specialist
Fredericksburg, VA

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