Football – Hawk Tackling

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This is a concept we feel is worth sharing. We really hope that it works its way through both youth football and high school football to teach kids at an early age how to tackle, how to take care of themselves and how to play this game really fast & hard in absolutely the safest way possible. The philosophy takes the head out of the play and increases safety, all while maintaining the toughness and physicality that makes the game great.

NOTE: Like any athletic activity, no tackling technique can completely eliminate the risk of injury.


Coaching points:


“We are a shoulder tackling team based on leverage. so we must own and maintain our leverage. To do this, we track the near hip of the ball carrier. Our hawk tackling system begins with tracking because we focus on shoulder tackling based on leverage. We focus on a technique called ‘run and gather,’ where a player tracks the near hip of the ball carrier as he closes in on the tackle” says Coach Carroll.


Compression tackles are all about ‘OWNING THE HIP’. Owning your hip means dominating your leverage. You should hit with your leverage shoulder and keep the ball to your leverage side.


  • “Eyes through the thighs”
  • Wrap and squeeze
  • “Drive for Five” (when necessary)


  • Tackle ball carrier with leverage shoulder
  • Then lift near leg with off hand


  • Shoulder tackle targeting the near pec
  • Wrap
  • Drive for Five (when necessary)
  • “Shoulder Punch” point of emphasis

Thanks to Coach Pete Carroll for this great video tutorial on Seahawks Tackling.

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