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Football – Be A Better Quarterback

Good quarterbacks are made, not born. You need more than a great arm to lead your team to victory. Here are some quarterback tips, based on previous STACK stories and interviews with Drew Brees and Bruce Arians, to get you off the bench and into a starting spot in no time. 1. Be a Leader…

Football – Pocket Presence Drills

Introduction uclaqbWhen we first began conducting research on Quarterback development, we cast our net wide. We wanted to explore every component of the position: exchanges, drops, read progressions, throwing mechanics, etc. What we quickly found is that it be difficult to write volumes on this topic, much less a 10,000-word research report like XandOLabs.com is…

Football – QB Throwing Motion Tips

There’s an old coaching adage that “you can’t change a throwing motion! A quarterback either can throw or he can’t. Period.” You hear this all the time, this idea that a quarterback’s mechanics can’t be changed. Commentators, football dads, and coaches proclaim, “It’s impossible to change a quarterback’s throwing motion. Just coach his footwork.” Older…

Football – 9 Drills to Improve A QB’s Form

There may be no more important position on the football field than the quarterback. Though the following set of drills and programs are not terribly extensive or long individually, when coupled together they can vastly improve a quarterbacks technique–especially in the drop back, set-up, and delivery of the ball. Two Knee Drill ( 20 passes)…

Football – Tips for Better QB Awareness

It’s Week One, and your wideouts have a distinct size advantage over your opponent’s secondary unit, which runs a base Cover 2 defense. You know your top weapons have speed to burn; and if you can get the ball in their hands, they will torch the opposing cornerbacks and safeties alike. As the quarterback, it’s…