Praveeta Singh
Orlando, FL, United States
Mom, blogger and sports nut!


General – Mental | How to be the Best Youth Sports Parent as a Single Mom | Working Mom

Youth sports are in a constantly changing cycle of evolution. They simply are not what they used to be. Youth sports as a whole have grown to be more demanding and time consuming than ever before. From after-school practices to weekend long out of state soccer tournaments, you may be starting to ask yourself where…

Football – Conditioning | Strength and Condtioning

Basketball – Offense | A Girl’s Guide to Basketball Fundamentals: Setting a Screen

Okay so here is when things get a little….”football-esque,” meaning, the definitions don’t exactly clear up what the heck it is and you need a dictionary to understand the definitions. I’ve heard these terms all my life and understand what it is when I see it, but had no clue how to really explain it…

ESports – General | ESports Pro Tips – Project Cars Expert – Red Bull

Red Bull 5G winner Ralphy from eSports+Cars tells you how to get ahead of your opponents in the new racer. John Ralph, knows what it takes to drive realistic racecars to victory in an esports tournament. The Project CARS pro helped Team South win Red Bull 5G last year, leading from the front with his…

Soccer – Offense-shooting | Tips for Effective Soccer Shooting

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” –Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky may have been a hockey player, but his quote about scoring goals is true in any sport–including soccer. A lot of students in our EduKick soccer camps and boarding schools start out with hesitation to shoot. We teach them take advantage of…

Fitness – Fitness | Spartan Race just isn’t for adults! Get your kids involved too!

RACE AGAINST SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE – KID OBSTACLE COURSE The Spartan Kids Race is where we encourage kids to jump, run, get muddy, help each other, and have a good time while conquering obstacles. You are never too young to set goals and celebrate accomplishing them – an epic feeling that’s universal. FIND A…

Lacrosse – Other | 10 Fundamental Tips for Coaching Youth Lacrosse

Fitness – Fitness | Toning Exercises: Eight (8) Tips to Get Toned Arms Faster!

Do these eight exercises’four using your own body weight and four using dumbbells. Then look forward to showing off your well-toned arms in four to six weeks. Another major bonus: You’ll also build bone strength to help protect against osteoporosis. How to get started What to lift: For dumbbell exercises, use five- to 10-pound (two-…

General – Conditioning | What does “Talent” mean?

First of all, there are lots of answers. I ask this in the context of sports medicine and sports performance enhancement. I always seem to struggle with the answer, especially when it comes to young athletes that are considered elite. I think there are a couple physical factors when the public says an athlete is…

Golf – Long Game | How To Stop Swaying and Sliding During The Golf Swing

Swaying and sliding during the golf swing is a lot more common than you think. About 40% of golfers sway, while 32% of golfers slide. This week we are going to discuss a few of the reasons you are moving laterally during the swing and I will be giving you a few exercises to help…


Lacrosse – Other | 10 Fundamental Tips for Coaching Youth Lacrosse

Volleyball – Beach | Kerri Walsh: Tips on getting ready for high school volleyball

Before Kerri Walsh Jennings won three Olympic gold medals in beach volleyball, she was an indoor player – first at at Archbishop Mitty High in San Jose, Calif., then at Stanford, then on the U.S. national team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Who better to share a tip for high school players who will soon…


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Travel + Cameras = Perfection IG: @iamjeremydavis
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Michael  Watson

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I'm a youth sports coach - love to surf! Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Swimming
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Passionate wife, mother of three & youth sports coach - love ALL sports and I love to coach!!!! xo
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Sports loving dad from The Garden State
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TPI certified Golf Fitness Expert! Former college golfer using fitness to improve your golf game! www.fitgolfergirl.com
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Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track
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Kansas City, MO, United States

Father of five boys - my kids play all sports.
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Search nearly 1,500 multimedia resources for parents, coaches, athletes, leaders, and more.
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Grandma with two sports crazy grandsons! I also coach softball and girls basketball as my passion!
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Alastair Johnston

Cleveland, Ohio , United States

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Father of three boys, youth sports coach.
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Father of two, exec by day, coach.
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Mother of 4, Marketing Executive, wife.
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OC born and raised. Living in Napa Valley. Major sports guy, father of two, youth sports coach.
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Hockey mom with two boys that LOVE the sport! I spend the majority of my time playing taxi driver and laundromat!!!
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I am the founder and president of the Youngstown Youth Flag Football League, an NFL affiliate.
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