Football – Offense-line | Four Drills to Improve your Combine Numbers

Basketball – Offense-shooting | Basketball: 3-6-9-12-15 Drill

This is a fantastic drill that works on game shots at game speeds, along with a lot of conditioning. The basic gist of the drill is that your player will shoot a series of three shots, then run to a certain point on the court based upon how many shots they missed in that series…

Golf – Long Game | Tanque Verde High School Golf Practice Plan

Preparation & Mental Approach 1. 2. 3. 4. Have a Plan ! Each practice session should have no more than one or two very specific goals before you even get to the course (example: Improve Lag Putting, Driving Accuracy, Better Greenside Bunkers percentage, etc…) The Goal for each practice day can be decided based on…

Soccer – Offense-shooting | 14 Soccer Shooting Drills to Finish Past Any Goalkeeper

If you want to develop players who can score past any goalkeeper, you need to be using the best soccer shooting drills during your practices. There’s nothing worse than a team executing great ball-movement down the field and setting up a great scoring opportunity only to miss an easy goal… The following soccer shooting drills…

Tennis – General | Top 10 Games Every Coach Should Know

Welcome to the USTA’s Top 10 Games Every Coach Should Know. This material was developed for use by middle school and high school coaches, and tennis instructors who are responsible for conducting team practices and group lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players. All of these games and activities have the following benefits: 1) They…

Volleyball – Indoor | Best 6 Volleyball Drills for High School Kids

Fitness – Fitness | 8 Tips for Exercising in Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and have fun. It’s one of my favorite times of year because there are so many outdoor activities to choose from. Everything is more fun outside, whether you’re swimming, running or cycling. But the summer heat can be a problem if you’re not careful, particularly in areas…

Football – Conditioning | The best soccer pre-season workout Go from benchwarmer to star performer this season with these drills

After a summer spent soaking up the sun you could be forgiven for turning up to training looking like the wrong Ronaldo. But with the new season around the corner it’s time to swap ice cream cones for cone drills and fine-tune your footballing engine. Your touch might still be there (you never lose that…

ESports – General | How to Become a Pro Fortnite Player

In this post, we’re going to focus on the things you can do outside of Fortnite in order to improve inside of Fortnite and increase your chances of going pro. Youtube and Reddit are full of in-game tips to boost performance, but what players can do outside of their esport is often neglected. Here are…

Basketball – Offense-shooting | The LeBron pre-workout: Want to be like the GOAT? You’re welcome!

Remember to do every exercise equal on both limbs and every drill on both sides of the court. Block 1 – Athleticism and Injury Prevention. Strides – Run down and back for 10 court lengths at 60% to 70% speed. Knee-to-wall touches – 3x each way. Leg swings – 10 each leg. Reaches – Up,…


Football – Offense-line | Four Drills to Improve your Combine Numbers

Football – Hydration | Key Hydration and Nutrition Tips for Competitive Sports

In only a few weeks, football players across the United States will return to the field for the start of another football season. Those early August days also signal the highest temperatures of summer. Without proper hydration, outdoor practices, games and physical activity can lead to heat illness and decreased performance. It is crucial that…


How to Practice More Effectively 1) Try to do something golf related every day In this article we talked about a player who took a 30-day challenge with a great training aid called the Orange Whip. Sometimes it’s better to do something for 5-10 minutes each day, rather than one long session per week. It…

Basketball – Offense | Four drills for teaching motion offense

Motion offense is a key part of the Basketball Australia curriculum and philosophy, and it’s taught with a particular concentration in youth basketball. Motion offense teaches young players the importance of reading defenses, spacing the floor, timing, and is a tool to develop the basic fundamentals that all basketball players need to have. The following…


Tennis group drills are suitable for adults and juniors and often consist of practice games and drills that focus on the fun aspect of the game. A tennis group drill can be practiced in either large or small groups. tennis-group-drillsLearning how to play tennis, just like any other activity, is more fun and exciting when…

Fitness – Fitness | Yoga for New Moms

When they say to rest the first week after giving birth and not to carry anything heavier than your baby, they mean it. Forgive me the graphic details, but I could not sit on my butt. I tried to take a walk four days after giving birth—and made it two and a half blocks before…

Fitness – Fitness | Cross Training with Ropes

Definition and Benefits A cross-training routine includes a variety of exercises to create a balanced fitness program, allowing your body to better handle a range of stress. Cross-training involves variety, which staves off boredom and encourages you to continue working out. The variety-themed regimen helps your muscles to adapt more quickly to new activities, and…

Softball – Hitting | Five (5) Tips on Softball Hitting Techniques

Softball hitting is one of the most, if the not the most, important part of the sport. When it comes to hitting, you need to make sure you have enough skill to get yourself on base more often than not. If you don’t, the coach just might sit you down because you simply aren’t able…

Volleyball – Indoor | Seven (7) Volleyball Coaching Tips For New Coaches

Volleyball might look like a simple game on paper, but it’s a complex, physically demanding sport. With that being said, it’s up to volleyball coaches to do what it takes to best prepare their team to compete throughout the season. They say that “practice makes perfect,” but if you aren’t running a good practice, it…

Fitness – Fitness | Being a New Mom: How Crossfit Keeps Me Sane!

Hey friends! Morgan here, wanting you all to know a little something about my life as a new mother, and some advice for navigating the tough times. First off, not many things can cause me to feel like an incompetent lazy failure (in all areas of my life, not only motherhood) like trolling social media…


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