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Football – Improve speed and agility in 4 weeks

If your workouts are focused on snail-paced lifting and treadmill jogging, you may be losing athleticism and brainpower. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests a combination of traditional military physical training plus agility training not only improves VO2max and agility, but also visual vigilance and continuous memory. Agility…

Football – Youth Speed Drills

Initial start A band-resisted medicine ball drill helps players stay low, launch with the hips and increase power. Here’s the steps: Wrap a band around a firm post or use a partner to resist you Get a weighted medicine ball, preferably one you can throw without damaging Start in a low, athletic stance with your…

Football – Cornerback Drills

Elite defensive backs have explosive speed, great play reaction, and the ability to break on the football and make a play. The football cornerback drill Drop and Read Assisted Sprints are an excellent way to incorporate all of these football skills into one cornerback drill. By implementing the Reactive Stretch Cord into the football cornerback…

Football – Home Workouts

In my many years as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, I’ve had the opportunity to take advantage of some of the world’s finest sports performance technology and equipment. While much of the advances in strength and conditioning equipment have dramatically improved current athlete’s strength, speed and agility, there are still basic bodyweight movement exercises…

Football – Proper Linemen Stance

I believe that a good stance no matter what level of football you are coaching is basic to sound execution. The stance you are teaching must directly relate to the plays you are running. Without a good stance, your offensive line will be unable to execute their assignments and techniques properly. The stance I teach…