Eddie Horne
NY, NY, United States
Father of four and High School Basketball Coach


Golf – Short game | 10 Ways To Improve Your Short Game

If your ball has found the rough with your tee shot, the next decision you make is extremely important. One of the biggest mistakes most golfers make is not evaluating their lie in the rough properly. If you are too aggressive, and do not anticipate how the club face will react to your lie, you…

Basketball – Offense-shooting | How To Develop Into A Great Shooter – 6 Shooting Drills To Do At Every Workout

When practicing, Stephen Curry must swish 5 out of 10 free throws. Ray Allen is the first to the arena. Then he goes through a form shooting routine and progresses to 3-point shooting. Great shooters have routines. I believe the following shooting routine will help you develop into a great shooter or make you an…


Tennis group drills are suitable for adults and juniors and often consist of practice games and drills that focus on the fun aspect of the game. A tennis group drill can be practiced in either large or small groups. tennis-group-drillsLearning how to play tennis, just like any other activity, is more fun and exciting when…

Water sports – Water Polo | How to Make a Pressure Pass in Water Polo Read more at: http://waterpolo.isport.com/water-polo-guides/how-to-make-a-pressure-pass-in-water-polo

A pressure pass is any pass made while being closely defended. It can be a stressful situation in a game, and often causes new players to panic and make poor passes. Getting comfortable passing under pressure — before being forced into it in a game situation — is important. This guide explains how to execute…

Football – Offense | The 10 Golden Rules for Offensive Football

Most football coaches have a set of “Golden Rules” when it comes to what a good offense should or should not do. The fact is there is no unified list. Which is a better ball-control offense? Control the ball with the short passing game or the power running game? Is defense more crucial than offense? While it…

General – College Recruiting | NCAA Football Stats!

Football – Conditioning | Hydration Rules for Football Players

Football on its own is demanding enough, but hot, humid summertime two-a-days make it even tougher. Players need to pay close attention to their hydration, drinking plenty of fluids—both water and sports drinks. Doing so not only boosts your on-field performance, it also helps guard against heat stroke and illness. Here are four ways to…

General – Mental | How Mount Union became college football’s newest cradle of coaches

ALLIANCE, Ohio — On a late July day in 1999, Matt Campbell drove along U.S. Route 62, unsure of his next football destination. He knew he couldn’t go back to Pitt for another season. The football program there had turned toxic. So Campbell packed up and left. He wasn’t far from his home near Canton…


Tennis fitness drills is often the least favorite part of training for tennis players at any level. Most tennis players dread the process of undergoing the various intensive tennis fitness drills mentioned below, but these drills can have a substantial impact on a tennis player’s speed, agility and explosiveness on the tennis court. Club players…

ESports – General | What does it take to be a professional Overwatch coach?

Behind every Overwatch League and Contenders team, there are coaches and analysts making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. From the dugouts at the Blizzard Arena to their private home offices, they scrutinize every play and take notes to bring to the next VOD review session. Away from the social media spotlight and…


Football – Conditioning | Hydration Rules for Football Players

Football on its own is demanding enough, but hot, humid summertime two-a-days make it even tougher. Players need to pay close attention to their hydration, drinking plenty of fluids—both water and sports drinks. Doing so not only boosts your on-field performance, it also helps guard against heat stroke and illness. Here are four ways to…

Baseball – Pitching | The BEST way to Throw a Slider

Place your index and middle fingers. Grip the baseball with your index and middle fingers placed tightly together across an outer seam of the ball located at the horseshoe or U-shape seam. For right-handers, place your middle finger across the right half of the seam. Left-handers should do the opposite: place your middle finger across…

Football – Offense-backfield | The Running Back Workout: 3 Exercises to Improve Agility and Power

Running backs need strength and power to break through tacklers at the line of scrimmage. But if you focus only on bulking up, you’ll run yourself right off the field. If you want to succeed as an all-around running back—whether in the pros or in the park—it’s crucial to improve speed and agility. Some of…

General – Sports Parenting | 10 Life Lessons I Learned from My Son and Little League Baseball

My nine year old son is a baseball freak. By that I mean despite the fact that he plays many sports and all with passion, when it comes to baseball he’s in another orbit. He has to really love it to practice the amount he does to try to be the best player, pitcher, first…

Basketball – Other | Club Sports – Like AAU Basketball Is Hurting Young Athletes

Kids love the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. They are mesmerized by his skills and they want to grow up and “Be like Steph.” Youth coaches — most notably club sports coaches — are well aware of Curry’s popularity with young athletes. And too many of these coaches utilize Curry’s popularity to persuade young athletes…

Basketball – Offense | The Dribble Drive Motion Offenses, Tips, and Drills

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the NEW HIGH powered Dribble Drive Motion that is sweeping the basketball nation!! So what’s the scoop on this basketball offense? In all honesty, it’s just a fashionable new name for something that has been played for years. So don’t go jumping on the…

Basketball – Offense-dribbling | Five (5) Crossover Dribbling Techniques

Ball handling is important for any player on the basketball court, but it’s particularly critical for point guards. As USAB.com is focusing on point guard play this week, here are some tips to strengthen this skill. This basketball drill provides repetitions of key dribbling techniques. The idea is to establish automatic and correct fundamentals. Start…

ESports – General | The Rise of Coaching in eSports

Advances in technology are changing every aspect of our lives, including sports. New devices are revolutionizing the ways athletes train and how coaches strategize. However, technology has birthed an entirely new way to play: video games. Although video games are not the first thing that come to people’s minds when they think of sports, the…

Basketball – Defense | 1-2-2 “Half Court Trap” Pressure Defense

The 1-2-2 Half Court Trap is one of the bread and butter defensive tactics every coach will utilise at least sometime in their coaching career. The 1-2-2 Half Court Trap provides further options for a coach to utilise in breaking an offensive team’s rhythm and style of play. No team likes to play against a…

General – Sports Parenting | Five (5) reasons you want your kid to be a multi-sport athlete

So many of us have done the Saturday relay race: karate to soccer game to basketball practice. From softball to swim team. Baseball practice to a hockey tournament. When my kids were young, the world of sports and activities was their oyster. They played multiple sports, tried on things to see what fit while we…


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Travel + Cameras = Perfection IG: @iamjeremydavis
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Ohio  Sports Dad

Ohio , United States

Husband, Father of two 'sports crazed' boys, Sports Marketing Executive by day, youth sports Coach by night/weekend.
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Coaches Tribune

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World-class instruction to help youth sports coaches and parents gain insight and ideas.
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Michael  Watson

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I'm a youth sports coach - love to surf! Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Swimming
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Sarah  Morgan

Atlanta, GA, United States

Passionate wife, mother of three & youth sports coach - love ALL sports and I love to coach!!!! xo
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Eddie  Bernard

Fort Lee, United States

Sports loving dad from The Garden State
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TPI certified Golf Fitness Expert! Former college golfer using fitness to improve your golf game! www.fitgolfergirl.com
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Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track
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Kansas City, MO, United States

Father of five boys - my kids play all sports.
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Grandma with two sports crazy grandsons! I also coach softball and girls basketball as my passion!
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Billy Hirsh

Ramsey, NJ, United States

Father of two hockey cray sons.
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Pau  Serracanta

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MotoGP Global Executive, Sports fan.
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Michael  Brumm

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Father of three boys, youth sports coach.
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Mike  Crownover

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Father of two, exec by day, coach.
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Nina Stilwell

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL , United States

Mother, golfer and sports nut!
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Min  Chang

Greenwich, CT, United States

Mother of 4, Marketing Executive, wife.
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Nick  Hines

San Francisco, CA , United States

OC born and raised. Living in Napa Valley. Major sports guy, father of two, youth sports coach.
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Lindsay Broderick

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Tripp Kiernan

Niles, Ohio , United States

Warren JFK High School : Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track and Field.
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Naples, FL , United States

Father of three boys, coach: football, basketball and baseball
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Keirsten Sires

New York, United States

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Michael Marra

Monticello, NY, United States

Coach Marra was named the 2004 American Baseball Coaches Association Region I High School Baseball Coach of the Year.
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Rob Bell

Indianapolis, United States

Dr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. Written 6 Books on Mental Toughness. Works with Collegiate and Professionals.
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