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Fitness – Other | Do You Cheer Too Much at Your CrossFit Gym?

Around the CrossFit world, you hear some version of this phrase fairly often: “…where the loudest cheers are for the last to finish.” I think this is a great sentiment, but sometimes I wonder if this mindset can be a little off the mark when it comes to encouraging new and struggling athletes. Here’s an…


Two of the hardest skills that young linebackers have a problem acquiring are the ability to find the ball (while using correct technique to get there) and the ability to get off blocks. “Attack the Rock” is a fun drill that can be used to help linebackers find the ball effectively. “Working Uphill” is an…

ESports – General | ESL will produce four new Esports series to premiere exclusively on Hulu

This fall, Hulu will make its first foray into esports with new original programming developed and produced by ESL. The world’s largest esports company will produce four unique series exclusively for the streaming video-on-demand service—Player v. Player, Bootcamp, Defining Moments, and ESL Replay—that explore the various facets of esports, including athlete training and preparation, news…

Golf – Conditioning | Fix Your Elbow Pain – Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow – Ask The Golf Doctor

Welcome to the second episode of “Ask the Golf Doctor”. Dr. Todd Rodman from Sports Chiropractic and Natural Health Solutions in Boca Raton, FL is joining us this week to talk about one of the most common injuries in golfers: Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow. Why do we get elbow pain during golf? Pain in the…

Fitness – Fitness | Nine (9) things I learned by being a Crossfit mom!

You’d think working out after pregnancy on a regular basis would be pretentiously easy because… Well gym-life, right? I wanted to be just like those Crossfit-moms on Facebook, fitting an active lifestyle into “momlife”. In a perfect world (or in a “Facebook world) this would not have been a problem at all. When you become…

General – Mental | How travel sports teams disrupt life for families

Weekends sometimes pass in a blur for mother of three and interior designer Michelle Holtzman of Skokie. Her 11-year-old son, Andrew, plays hockey for the Skokie Flyers, a competitive team that travels throughout the Chicago area for regular-season games and as far away as Boston and Toronto for tournaments. Her daughter, Sophia, 10, is on…

Fitness – Fitness | The Do’s and Don’ts of Youth Fitness Training Programs: Exercise Tips

Structuring Youth Fitness Programs Just a few decades ago, many people believed that women’s bodies were not as capable as men’s bodies at reaping the benefits of physical training for improved health and athletic performance. Fast-forward to today, and most personal trainers and coaches recognize that women stand to improve athletic abilities and health from…

Football – Defense-secondary | Six (6) Football Coaching Tips for Defensive Backs

Instilling confidence in the youth player is extremely important when teaching the defensive backfield position. The defensive back is under a microscope when playing the position. If he doesn’t read pass first, doesn’t turn the play in on a run, or is out of position on a pass play, the whole world is witness to…

Lacrosse – Offense | Ten (10) Tips for Youth Lacrosse Coaches

Here are the 10 commandments of youth lacrosse coaching. Adopt them and heed them and you’ll do fine. Ignore them at your peril. 1. Co-opt and engage the parents: a. There can never be too many practice coaches: Dads, moms, injured older players, that nice older gentleman stops by practice on his walks because his…

Golf – Long Game | Daily Habits Ruining Your Golf Swing

A lot of the habits and activities that you do on a daily basis could be having catastrophic effects on your golf swing. The following habits create imbalances in your muscles and change the way your body moves. If you are a golfer and you do a lot of the following activities, you should start…


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